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Books and E-Books


Books and E-Books

Library Catalog

The library catalog lists the hundreds of thousands of books and e-books collected by Jackson Library and OCLS.   Non-residential faculty and students have instant access to e-books, and may request that short portions of printed books be scanned and emailed. more

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The "World Catalog" lists which participating library owns a specific book. WorldCat may be used to:

  1. verify the existence of a cited book;
  2. obtain detailed information about a book, such as its place of publication. The information can be used to generate APA references for books.
  3. discover the nearest participating library which owns a copy.
Note that only larger libraries participate in the "World Catalog," and many participants restrict who may use their books.   If WorldCat shows that a nearby library has a book, you have several options .... more

E-Book Publishers

Ebrary offers tens of thousands of digitized books.

EBSCO E-Books use the same interface as the firm's article databases.

Credo Reference has digitized dictionaries and encyclopedia articles.

Virtual Reference provides a hundred thousand scholarly articles from Gale encyclopedias.

Other Libraries is a directory of print and virtual libraries.


New OCLS Web Site

The OCLS pages are now optimized for handheld and touch devices.   Your feedback is desired .... more

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides answers ... more